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Erskine, Part 1 (unrelated) - 11.19.01 @ 0030hrs

See, I used to think it was about me and about depression about suicide about the woman I loved, who loved me too and we were happy not being together me with my suicide her with her hippie charms her couch her ability to make me want to die. I could jump in the water any time I pleased and die happy. But I came later to learn it was about a town and heroine, I guess I liked the first explanation better. 'Cuz I don't know anything about heroine or sunsets over water unless it's a lake or something. I guess a lot of the world is like that. It's all perfectly good and clear. It's up to the damn writers to confuse us. Untitled - 10.31.01 @ 2233hrs

We walk in the memory of loved ones;
We trudge in the memory of sidewalks, covered by your snow
I catch a snowflake from your eye.
You still don't believe that gloved hands feel pain
wounds inflicted
like the post-coital world of not caring anymore.
I bring along an empty wallet
and a keychain with no keys
Even the teeth on the key to my car get worn down from years of
stop and start.
It's not that I'm alone, it's just that my bag
Doesn't carry the past