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05.24.2002 :: The Voyage Home

Been a weird night, but a good one. I'm packing stuff in my car for my trip
to New Jersey this weekend. It's a warm night. Well, warm by Syracuse
standards. A balmy 65 degrees. Somehow it reminded me of walking around late
at night with Rachael last summer; that sort of bizarre sexual tension that
can only exist between a logical computer nerd and a philosophy gal with an
extreme lack of common sense. I plan on going sailing this coming Saturday,
then seeing the whole family on Sunday, and maybe getting to see some of my
old-school friends somewhere in there too. I wonder who hasn't heard of my
change of plans to go to Germany and not Japan. I guess we'll see this
That's about all the update I can give tonight. It's been a boring time since
graduation, but at least I have a full-time job for the summer that pays
$15/hr. My back is still sore from the bicycle fall over a month ago, I think
I herniated a disk plate. I hope not. Tomorrow will tell maybe, though.